Client Margin Report As Per Sebi Guide lines

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Client Margin Report As Per Sebi Guide lines

Postby sandeep » Fri Jun 07, 2019 6:06 pm

Dear All,

As per exchange regulations, we send the daily margin statement to every client's registered email address. This daily margin statement is in the format prescribed by SEBI. The margin statement is sent with the intention of informing a client what his margin status is i.e the margin you require for a position and the margin you have. In short do you have excess or shortfall of margins ? And what free margins are available in his account in order to take new positions without incurring penalty or charges.

If you have been trading on all exchanges, you'll receive a combined daily margin statement. A margin statement for a particular exchange will have all the segments included, that is if you trade on NSE EQ (equity) and NSE F&O - NSE CDS (equity & currency derivatives), both the segments will be included in daily margin statement.

The client margin report is a mandatory report which needs to be sent to the client in addition to the contract note.

As per SEBI Guidelines, The Client Margin Report is to be send to the Client on the Trading Day.
The Report Includes the deposits given by clients in the form of :
1. FDRs
2. Bank Gurantee
3. Client Beneficiary Holding.
4. And the clients who have given POA (Power of Attorney) to his Depository Participant. i.e. The
shares lying in the client demat will also be included in the report.
This report can also be viewed by ticking the boxes like :
1. If you want to see this report for only FO Client, then Tick on Box given – FO Client Only
2. If you want to see this report with No Demat holding , then Tick on Box given – Clear Demat Holding.
3. If you want to see the report with Ignoring the clients Security Deposit, then Tick on Box given – Ignore Security Deposit.
4. If you want to see the report with Ignoring Other Exchange Margin, then Tick on Box given – Ignore Other Margin.

for any assistance or enquiry please contact our Customer Support 011-43500600.


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