Brokerage Schedule [CAPITAL]

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Brokerage Schedule [CAPITAL]

Postby SOHAN » Mon May 20, 2019 12:18 pm

Capex -> Master-> Expenses Master >> Brokerage Master
In equity Market you can define brokerage on Delivery /Jobbing.
Delivery Brokerage : Shares are in net position not zero after buying – selling scrip wise
Jobbing brokerage : Shares are net in 0 means after buying - selling no position scrip wise
You can Define brokerage exchange wise NSE/BSE
Three type of brokerage you can define
1 Client Wise : Brokerage define only for selected client.
2 Slab wise : After Defining brokerage slab, you can map this slab to multiple clients from client master. No need to define brokerage every time for same brokerage as define in slab brokerage
3 Default : After defining default brokerage if you forgot to define brokerage for any client. Then default brokerage will be charged to clients.
For enter the brokerage For CM Segment follow the followings steps
First select the exchange National Stock exchange
Enter the Client code for which you want to enter brokerage
Brokerage Type : Normal
Applied from : For any modification in Old Slab change here for New Brokerage Applied date.
Percent/Fix Brokerage : Enter Jobbing Brokerage and delivery brokerage as per client brokerage chart.
Fill all brokerage percentage in NN for normal Trade Jobbing and Delivery brokerage both.
Fill all brokerage percentage in NW for Trade to Trade Delivery Brokerage.
Fill all brokerage percentage in NA for Auction Trade delivery brokerage.

Min. Brokerage : After calculation percent if brokerage comes less then min brokerage then the brokerage will be minimum brokerage.

Per order : Enter fix/percentage brokerage and per order brokerage.
We have define fix/percent brokerage .02 or whatever and per order Rs. 10 . if client order brokerage becomes Rs 4 then its takes Rs. 4 . If client per order brokeage becomes Rs. 15 then it makes it to Rs. 10 as per per order brokeage

Per Trade : Enter Per trade brokerage amount in Per trade column like 10 or 25 . same working as per order instead of order working on per trade number.
Maximum Per Contract : Enter fix/percentage brokerage and Maximum per contract. if we define Rs 100 per contract . If total brokerage as per fix brokerage system comes more than Rs. 100 it makes the brokreage up to Rs. 100 for day contract.

Brokerage Calculation Method --> (Market Rate * Brokerage percent) * qty per trade wise not on total turnover
if (market rate * Brokerage percent) comes less than min brokerage than calculate min brok * qty

Note : Add Brokerage in All Exchange use for same brokerage entry in NSE & BSE exchange. this is enable at the time of fresh entry, if want to modification that time exchange wise modification require.

For any clarifications, please reply here or put support call.

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