Targets / Achievements of a user

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Targets / Achievements of a user

Postby sameer » Thu Feb 23, 2017 6:41 pm

Dear Customer

New features Added in LMS to setup & update targets / achievements of a user

It means now you can set Monthly targets for your Sales Representative .

Based on Analysis , system will automatic Generate Target/Achievement Report for you.

** How it works

* How to define target for the users for first time (Shilpi Team will handle this Part)

Login through Admin User

Go to Manage Users

Select User List and click on Target icon

Admin user can define/Update Selected user Targets for all months in single go using option Yearly Targets wise.

In Admin user you may give permission to different users to modify or setup target for themselve and their down line.

*How to Enter and view Targets / Achievements

Go to Reports option and select Targets/Achievement option

Now Selected User can see hierarchy base targets/Achievements .

User can Add achievements by clicking on "Add Days Achievements" Icon

User can edit/Delete targets by clicking on "View achievements"

another user's Targets/Achievements are not allow for edit/delete.

For any Inquiry please feel free to contact our LMS Support Team


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