How Task Manager Works

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How Task Manager Works

Postby sameer » Sat Dec 31, 2016 5:30 pm

What is Task Management System?
Task Management is a short internal messaging system for Self, Public or internal task assignment or reminder with SMS and email support.

How does Task Management system works?
Task Management System works from 2 point.
    1. View Lead
    2. Independent Task Creation
      1. View Lead
        a. From this option one can generate task or reminder against Lead for himself or for his team.
        b. Generating Task from this option will automatically pick the Lead Ref. no. and assignee name to make it easier & clear to whom task is being assigned.
      2. Independent Task Creation
        a. On Right top corner of application one can notice option for checking and Adding New Task
        b. This window help user to create new task or reminder. One can create task with following status
        i. Email
        ii. Follow-up
        iii. Get Started
        iv. Meeting
        v. Phone Call
        vi. To-Do
        vii. Notify
      c. Task can be of Three type
      i. Public ( Visible to all user’s)
      ii. Private ( One to One Message)
      iii. Self-Reminder
    3. One can create Task from any of the above mention options.
    4. Once the task has been created it will immediately reflect as increase in counter on the right top corner under Task Icon. This increase alert will be shown in both account, one who has created it and in one whom task has been created for.
    5. Assigning a task is companied with SMS and Email, assignee will receive SMS and email ( if opted for) for the task assigned.
    6. Second user will update the remark and will select proper status to reply back status.
    7. Replying back will decrease the count at in the notification window.
    8. First user now will see the reply and may close it via updating it “Move to History” option
    9. User has an option filter task on the basis task type and date wise
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