How Caller Sheet System Works in LMS

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How Caller Sheet System Works in LMS

Postby sunil » Fri Nov 11, 2016 4:57 pm

Dear All,

This is workflow of Caller Sheet functionality which will help to implement in your Sales Team.

1. This option permission is user wise , that means you have to assign user wise security to activate this option.
for this , view Sales Reps , Click on Edit Button, Click on Permission Button located at right corner.
2. Once Permission Granted, User will get this option for him.
3. This option named "Caller" in menu items have three sub-modules.
1. View Sheets
2. Contacts Imports
3. Sheet Allocation.

4. View sheets option will be open for all users , that means no restriction to any user.
5. Contacts Import, Sales Rep ( Users) can import his/her file through this option, Product Selection is mandatory. Format of file can be download from right corner button.
Contacts imports , ask Input Sheet Name, Enter any Desired Name, product Selection and File to be Imported.
6. Contacts Imports ignore Duplicate Entries automatically (currently check mobile no ) and gives you count of Rejected Entries.
7. Once you Import your Sheet , that sheet will be available in "Sheet Allocation" List where you can allocate this sheet to any existing user or Sales Rep or Caller or Self.
8. After Allocation of Sheet, this sheet will be available in View Sheet (1st Option in Caller Main Menu ).
9. View Sheet is your actual worksheet [ keep note of this , View Sheet display allocated sheet only ] .
10. View Sheet will show give information about Total Record, Total Leads Gen., Pending.
11. In View sheet , you have button 'OPEN' , open means browse Imported sheet.
12. Now after Click OPEN, you will get "Sheet Detail View Sheet No ?' and along with Sheet Name.
13. This New Windows will show all entries imported with Contacts Nos, Email ID etc.
14. From this place you or your allocated Sales Rep or Caller will start calling one by one .
15. After Calling, Sales Rep or Caller can click 1st Button in Action Column and can enter any remarks or change status.
16. We have provided lead creation from Sheet Detail View, Just click on last button in Action Column and Create Lead.
17. Once Lead Generated, Lead No Assign, that will be reflected in ENQ# column and disabled Lead Creation Button.
18. At Last , If Called was Successful , Lead Generated then start work in Lead.

Please contacts LMS Support Team for further Assistance.

LMS Development Team.
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