Manage User Lead Transfer / Change User Hierarchy

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Manage User Lead Transfer / Change User Hierarchy

Postby sameer » Sat Sep 17, 2016 5:57 pm

Dear Customer

New Features are being added in the system

1. Transfer all leads of one user to another ( like the case of user leaving the organization or user area has been changed)
You may find this option in Manage User --> Sales Rep Transfer ( This feature is available under "ADMIN" User Only)

2. Easily change the Role or Reporting person of any user and its down-line.
You may find this option in Reports --> View Hierarchy Lead Status --> On Clicking on Desired User option appear -> Edit Role & Hierarchy
(This Feature is available under "ADMIN" user Only)

3. Check Your Future Dated Appointments . Lead ->> View Lead->> New Check Box has been provided "View Future Commitments"

For any query or clarification please feel free to contact our support team


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