Risk Management Fee In NCDEX

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Risk Management Fee In NCDEX

Postby ajaysaini » Fri Oct 17, 2014 10:05 am

For Applied Risk Management fee in NCDEX .See the following steps.
1. First Login In Commex10 Select the Exchange NCDEX .
2. Go To Option Daily >> Risk Management Fee NCDEX
3. IF you have received the RMF file from exchange than select the file and Click on Proceed.
4. IF you want to charge Service tax on it then dont forget to Click on Apply Service Tax.
5. After Import the file click on third button (Client Code Editing) for update PRO CODE to client code or to check the clients which are required to post Risk Management fees.
6. After verify the clients click on last button Risk Fee Posting.
7. In this option Enter Control Code for Risk Management fee account please open this code from Master >> Balance sheet management.
8. Now if Enter Service tax control account code for Risk Management fee Account for charge service tax.
9. After Defining Risk Management Control Account code and Service tax code now you can post Risk management fee.
10. For Posting of this fee enter trade date posting date auto comes now click on Proceed after doing this your Risk management fee posting will be done.
Note : if you want to Post Risk management fee amount by calculate not from file then click on first button Calculate after enter Date for which you want to calculate.
For calculate Risk Management fee First define Risk fee master by Click On Second Button (+) by default we entered Risk Management fee .
if you want to change it first enter perecentage in Set default Risk Charges Percentage which you want to charge. Now click on Risk apply it will fill the default risk charges . if you want to change risk percentage then first unselect and then select to change risk management fee.

after it follow the steps from 4.

For further any queries please call at support.

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