New Trade File format for NEXTRA Software (NCDEX)

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New Trade File format for NEXTRA Software (NCDEX)

Postby sameer » Thu Dec 03, 2015 6:58 pm

Dear All

Please find Below the trade file format setting for NEXTRA SOFTWARE FOR (NCDEX)

On Trading platform go to Menu option View/ Edit Report>> View Report >> Generate Format>> SELECT NCDEX_TRD FORMAT

Put the following format over there and save

<TradeId~-1><TradeTime~-1><Status~-1><Market Type~-1><Instrument Type~-1><Symbol~-1><ExpiryDate~-1><Strike Price~-1><OptionType~-1>0<ExchangeMemberId~-1><ExchangeMemberId~-1><Trade Price~-1><TradeTime~-1><Partial Traded Qty~-1><Token~-1><Branch Id~-1><Settler~-1><Settler~-1><Branch Id~-1><Settler~-1><Giveup Indicator~-1><Settler~-1><Giveup Indicator~-1><Cover/UncoverFlag~-1><Cover/UncoverFlag~-1><Blank~-1><Blank~-1><Blank~-1><Blank~-1><TraderId~-1><TraderId~-1><Buy ExchangeOrderNo~-1><Sell ExchangeOrderNo~-1><ExchAccountID~-1><ExchAccountID~-1><Strategy~-1><Strategy~-1><Open/CloseFlag~1><Open/CloseFlag~1><CustFirmString~1><CustFirmString~1>N<Buy Location ID~-1><Sell Location ID~-1>

now export trade report for back office

this file will be imported in back-office software against radio button "TRADES.CSV"

for any clarification please contact support


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