Daily Process for COMSQL Users

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Daily Process for COMSQL Users

Postby sameer » Wed Aug 14, 2019 12:11 pm

Daily Processing Steps:

    Comsql Products Daily Processing Steps

    1. Master << Client Master - Client Account Opening
    2. Master << Brokerage Master <Define Brokerage If on VALUE 0.01% And If Unit 50(Lot Brokerage)
    3. Master << Balance Sheet Account Head Master << Expense or revenue Accounts for Balance sheet
    4 Import << Contract Specifications <Contract Master Updation
    5. Import << Import Trade files ODIN/Now Etc.(Only Exchange formats files will be import)
    6 Import << Closing Price Import << Closing Price import before Billing or Processing <File can be download from this Option
    7. Daily << Daily Closing Price Manually Entry/Edit (C/F Rates)
    8. Daily << Brokerage Recalculation - After Trade import or Manual Trade entry
    9. Processing << MTM Posting (for the day)
    10.Processing << Premium ExAs Posting (For Option Trade Billing)
    11.Processing <<MTM Posting (For Expiry Day)
    12.Processing <<MTM Posting (Date Range)If reqd Bill deletion more than a week
    13 Bills<< Bill printing etc.
    14.Reports <<Net Position <<Blank in client code if reqd all client Net Position <Client code define if any Particulars client Position reqd.
    15.Financial <<Voucher entry <<Cheque/Cash/Journal Voucher entry
    16.Utilities <<Trxn Deletion <<If Trade want to delete
    17.Utilities <<Adjustment in FO <<Symbol Close <Symbol Change etc
    18.Financial <<Financial for All Clients or a single client
    19.Financial <<Debtor Creditor List <<For show current Balance as on today
    20.Define Exchange Holidays in Holiday Master to Avoid error in Billing/Posting

Note : Closing Price will be available after Market Close and When file will be available on Exchange FTP Server
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