Procedure for implementation of Balance Sheet Schedule VI

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Procedure for implementation of Balance Sheet Schedule VI

Postby sunil » Wed Apr 16, 2014 3:23 pm

The following new menu items added to implement this Balance Sheet System :

1. B/s Group Management (Masters)
2. G/L Account Group Categorization (Masters)
3. G/L Group Transfer (Masters)
4. Trial Balance (Financial>>Trial Balance/BS/P&L )
5. Profit and Loss Statement (Financial>>Trial Balance/BS/P&L )
6. P&L Statement Tree View (Financial>>Trial Balance/BS/P&L )
7. Balance Sheet (Financial>>Trial Balance/BS/P&L )

Predefined Group by Shilpi as per Balance Sheet Revised Format Schedule VI.
Note : No change allowed in Predefined Groups but you can add your
own Sub Groups upto 5 levels.

How to migrate Old Balance Sheet System To New Balance Sheet System

1) Call to Shilpi Technical Support for Activation (It is free of cost) , You can not go
back to Old Balance Sheet system from New Balance Sheet System.

2) As per new System , you can use your old groups. You have to transfer all of your
existing group to New System. To do this, Shipi provided Easy process where you
can see old groups and new system.

3) Go to Master and select B/S Group Management where you create Sub Group under
Main Groups.


4) We have provide G/L Group Transfer Option also. It is very helpful for transfer all accounts.
Old B/S Groups show in first column, you can select New B/S group in second column and
save then G/L code will be transfer in New B/S Group.


If you want to transfer Multiple account in a Single Group then click on “Selected G/L
code transfer To” and select that group then click on G/L Codes which you want to transfer and save.


You can also transfer all same group account codes to another same group. Click on
“Group To Group transfer “ and select Old group in Group From and New Group in Group
To and Transfer.


If you want to show only those accounts which are missing in New B/S Group then click on
“Show New B/S Group Missing only ".

5) Go to Master >> G/L Account Group Categorization for open new G/L account.
Group code selection help will be show according to New B/s Group Head. You can also change
old B/S group to New B/S Group by select Group Code.


6) Once you have transfer all G/L Ledger then you can view Trial Balance according to New
Balance Sheet Format. Go to Financial>>Trial Balance/BS/P&L >>Trail Balance .
You can print Trial Balance in Excel Format also.


7) For view Balance Sheet go to Financial>>Trial Balance/BS/P&L>>Balance Sheet,
Enter As on date and click on B/S.Balance Sheet will be show as per Revised Format.
You can Export it in Excel format also.


for any assistance or clarifications , please contact Shilpi Technical Support.
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