Database not licenced

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Database not licenced

Postby ajaysaini » Fri Sep 19, 2014 2:39 pm

Dear All,
For this type of message followings are the steps to be checked.
1. Check the ping of database server and find server is connected or not.
2. Now check the database services on server its running or not.
3. Find database entry in tnsnames.ora file if not exist then create entry.
4. go to the folder where you are running the software and find sql.ini in this folder.
5. open this file with notepad and go to bottom of file .

here you will see [oragtwy] and below this you will find the entry like remotedbname=shilpi,@shilpi if your database is shilpi
if your database is nse1314 then you have entry with remotedbname=nse1314,@nse1314

if you will find the remotedbname=shilpi,@shilpi with your like database other wise
enter this remotedbname=databasename,@databasename. database name = your database name

if you are not able to run the software after running all these options then call to our technical support.

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