How to use "E-token " for digital sign

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How to use "E-token " for digital sign

Postby SOHAN » Wed Jan 22, 2014 12:23 pm

Digital Signature Companies stoped selling ".pfx " file for digital sign and started selling of E-Token.
How to use "E-token " for digital sign in our software.
1. Install " E-token " in your machine as per given installation procedure by Digital signature Companies.
2. Enter Certificate Serial number in Master > Mail Ftp digital setup .
3. Change Certificate Type " E-Token" Master > Mail Ftp digital setup .
4. Enter Store type "User".

Now you can send email using digital Sign "E-Token".

Note: if Store type "User" is not working then try in Store Type "Outlook " or "Registry"

For any further clarifications , please contact our Technical Support.


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