CAS Charges import Provision Provided in CDSL and DPORA

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CAS Charges import Provision Provided in CDSL and DPORA

Postby sandeep » Wed Jan 10, 2018 1:58 pm

Dear All,

CAS (Consolidated Account Statement) charges charged by NSDL and CDSL import provision has been provided in CDSL & DPORA , please follow the below procedure to implement

1. Go to
2. Download [Build No. 15013] and [Build No. 15019] it is available at No. 9 and 10 respectively
3. Extract these files in respective folders
4. Option available in .Cdsl62 CDSL Import>CAS File Import (CDSL)
Dpora62 DPM Import>CAS File Import (NSDL)
5.In this option following files can be imported

For NSDL file sample -- File Name :CAS_IN301766_SEP_2017.csv








For CDSL file sample name : BLNG068800_CAS_Billing_TXN_Oct17


OCT_2017~68800~T~EC~QUEST SECURITIES LIMITED~1206880000002039~1

OCT_2017~68800~T~EC~QUEST SECURITIES LIMITED~1206880000001400~1

OCT_2017~68800~T~PH~QUEST SECURITIES LIMITED~1206880000007630~1

OCT_2017~68800~T~EC~QUEST SECURITIES LIMITED~1206880000000523~2

OCT_2017~68800~T~PH~QUEST SECURITIES LIMITED~1206880000001035~4

6. How this option will work

1. Select the desired file then select the bill cycle in which effect is required

2. Put the desired charged need to be charged from client separately for Physical and Electronic statements then proceed

3. This option will insert record in billing adjustment from where later client can modify or delete records

4. For bulk record delete tick on delete option and then re-proceed the file. This will delete all the records from the bill cycle

5. This option is required to be run prior to billing

for any assistance or enquiry please contact our Customer Support 011-43500600.
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