Future & Option Expiry Date Change of 29Mar18 to 28Mar18

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Future & Option Expiry Date Change of 29Mar18 to 28Mar18

Postby sandeep » Fri Dec 29, 2017 12:20 pm

Dear All,

Expiry Date of FUTURES & OPTIONS Contracts related to 29Mar2018 in Exchange NSE has been changed to 28Mar2018, please follow the below procedure to implement ,
1. Login in Forpro62 .
2. Go to Utilities> Exchange Adjustments> Expiry Date Change
3. Select NSE Exchange
4. Enter Old Expiry Date : 29Mar2018 New Expiry Date : 28Mar2018
5. Click start
Details for Expiry change as per circular No. : NSE/FAOP/36591 December 27, 2017
Circular Ref. No : 142/2017

After changed expiry dates do Normal Process .

for any assistance or enquiry please contact our Customer Support 011-43500600.


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