Get Ready for GST - Phase 1

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Get Ready for GST - Phase 1

Postby sameer » Thu Jun 15, 2017 1:08 pm

Dear All,

As per Goods and Service Tax (GST) introduced by Government w.e.f. 1st July 2017, whereby the current multiple indirect taxes regime would get replaced by dual GST all across the Country.

Shilpi has initiated the implementation for the same in multiple steps. In our first step we are providing State code and GSTIN number mapping in our system.

Please follow the below steps to implement.

    A. GST State Update in Client Master
      1. Download latest version of Capex62 ,Commex62 and Fxfuture62 (Built 11790 or Above) from
      2. Go to Utilities -> Business Utilities ->GST State Mapping in Client Master
        a. Click on Button Label “Proceed For Mapping”
        b. After running this option all clients will be mapped to respective GST State depending on their Address & Pin Code
        c. To check and update Missing States in Client master, click on “Un-Mapped Client List” and update.
    B. State wise GSTN Registration Entry and Branch Mapping
      1. Go to -> Master -> “State/Branch/Region/SB/RM/TL/AP/GST” -> GSTN Registration
      2. Update your State wise GSTN Registration number
      3. Now to Map GSTN No. to respective branch Go to -> Master -> “State/Branch/Region/SB/RM/TL/AP/GST” -> Branch Master
      4. Select the GST State for the Branch and save

For application screenshots click here

After completing above steps we have defined company GSTN No. State wise and mapped GST States to all the existing clients and Branches. This mapping will be very import for bill processing and GST Report generation so make sure the above mapping is proper and correct.

For any query please feel free to contact our support team on the same.


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