Trade Count Reconciliation For Transaction Charges BSE

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Trade Count Reconciliation For Transaction Charges BSE

Postby swapnilyarwar » Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:26 am

Dear Users

following Changes as per Exchange circular has been Implemented in Shilpi Application

For Trade Count Reconciliation, there is option we have given in Capex62 " Daily >>Exchange Trade Count / Turnover BSE "

you can check Trade count and reconcile it with exchange Scrip group wise and date wise.

Please download latest version of Capex62 [Build No. 11773 or above] from our Website .

Please also update PLB from our site and execute the same in Capex62.

***Please Note all the above changes are only available in our new deployment. To learn more contact our technical support team.


Shilpi Technical Team

Shilpi Support
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