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PostPosted: Tue Mar 14, 2017 12:20 pm
by anil_sapra
Dear All,

TDS Deduction option has been added i.e. TDS will be auto deducted by system. Please follow the given steps :-

[A] Masters Updation
1 Go To >> Masters >> Balance Sheet Management >> G/L Account Group Categorization
2 Select TDS Type & TDS Section wherever TDS Applicable.
3 Go To >> Masters >> TDS Master Entry for TDS Control Account Updation

[B] Voucher Entry
1 Go To >> Financials >> Vouchers >> Voucher Entry/Amendments
Select Journal Vouchers [TDS Entry Available for Journal Vouchers Only]
When we have selected any Vendor Account [for which we have provided TDS Type and TDS Section in Master]
& while entering Credit Amount, TDS Amount will be auto Calculated/Deducted & Displayed in TDS Column,
When saved, TDS JV will be posted.

Pl download latest version of capex62(build-11668 or higher) from our website

Pl call our technical support in case of any assistance required.

With Regards,

Shilpi Support Team